Our Values

We treat people how we would like to be treated
Values - We treat people (Baby smiling)

We listen to our patients and to our colleagues, we always treat them with dignity and we respect their views and opinions.
We are always polite, honest and friendly.
We are here to help and we make sure that our patients and colleagues feel valued.

We do what we say we are going to do
Values - We do what we say (Baby holding)

When we talk to patients and their relatives we are clear about what is happening.
When we talk to colleagues we are clear about what is expected.
We make the time to care.
If we cannot do something, we will explain why.

We focus on what matter most
Values - We focus (Baby sleeping)

We talk to patients, the public and colleagues about what matters most to them and we do not assume that we know best.
We do not put off making difficult decisions if they are the right decisions.
We use money and resources responsibly.

We are one team and we are best when we work together
Values - We are one team (Staff team)

We are professional at all times.
We set common goals and we take responsibility for our part in achieving them.
We give clear feedback and make sure that we communicate with one another effectively.

We are passionate and creative in our work
Values - We are passionate (Creative child)

We encourage and value other people's ideas.
We seek inventive solutions to problems.
We recognise people's achievements and celebrate success.