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Nurse Recruitment

We continue to work closely with our local Leicester universities to recruit newly qualified Nurses to our areas. We have embedded a bespoke training programme which is accessed by Ward 30 and PICU newly qualified Nurses and all new starters and provides them with the necessary skills and theoretical knowledge to help them start their Nursing careers with us.

We have had a lot of interest from Nursing universities external to Leicester which is very encouraging recently and so we are also working closely with them to provide clinical placements in our areas. We represent our areas at recruitment events nationally and our next event is an RCN Nursing Recruitment event being held locally at the Tigers Rugby Stadium at which we will be present.

We have been involved in UHL Corporate Recruitment events which has been successful in recruiting Nurses to our areas. We are now arranging our own event on the 4th December which will focus on recruiting children’s Nurses to all of our children’s areas including EMCHC.

UHL has a large international Nurse recruitment strategy and we are involved in the recruitment and selection processes of international Nurses. We have Nurses assigned to our areas ready to start the international Nurse programme. We have been looking at our Nursing roles and have supported a cohort of trainee Nursing associates who will be placed in our areas once fully training as Band 4 Nursing Associates and will be a huge support for our Registered Nurses.

Wider recruitment

In addition to the work focussing on our nurse recruitment, EMCHC has a very established Surgical and Anaesthetic Fellow process . The aim of this is to grow our own’ consultants .We have also used an external media agency to produce a short video that shows what is on offer at EMCHC and gives the views of individual staff . The link below is included in all recruitment advertisements:

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Recruitment Event 4th September 2019 

EMCHC are hosting a recruitment event ahead of our re-location to the Leicester Royal Infirmary.  The poster below outlines the many career opportunities available and details of the event:

EMCHC - Recruitment 2019 Poster