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The NHS England public consultation on Congenital Heart Disease services in England closed on the 17th July 2017. 

NHS England have stated in their consultation document that the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre based in Glenfield Hospital , does not, and will not meet the required standards in designated timeframes  and as such are proposing that all surgical and interventional procedure on adults and children be stopped.

The Trust’s formal response to the NHS England consultation questions was presented at the UHL Trust Board meeting on 6 July and will be submitted via the NHS England consultation website, along with a hard copy sent to Jon Stewart, Acting Director of Specialised Commissioning at NHS England.

An overall summary of UHL’s position on the review, and our proposals as to a way forward, is:

  • The evidence shows that, like other centres, we currently deliver high quality care to our patients.
  • We accept NHS England’s overall approach i.e. standards-based commissioning, although we have concerns about the interpretation of some of these standards
  • We welcome the fact that for UHL NHS England has confirmed that there is only one outstanding standard about which it has concerns i.e. case numbers
  • To address these concerns, during the consultation period we have submitted a more comprehensive and updated growth plan demonstrating how we can meet the case numbers standard
  • We would like NHS England to accept this plan and support us in further developing our regional network
  • We would ask NHS England to accept that supporting this approach carries significantly less risk in terms of destabilisation than does the decommissioning of our centre.
  • We would ask NHS to acknowledge that the decommissioning of our centre would substantially reduce choice for the population of the East Midlands and therefore an alternative viable approach to achieving the objective of compliance with the standards is preferable

The Trust Board approved the response and made the following comments:

  • The response is fully endorsed by the UHL Trust Board
  • The Board acknowledge and are grateful for the considerable support received during the consultation process from a wide range of stakeholders
  • The Board welcomes the initiatives from key influential partners to support the recommendations of the  UHL response
  • The Board notes with concern that the longer the period of decision making and implementation, the greater the dangers and risk to our patients and the service we deliver
  • The Board urges a speedy resolution of the decision making process 

The full consultation documents can be found here (links to NHS England website)

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